"I'm no saint." How many times have you heard this?

It’s become an acceptable defense for having done something we know is wrong. It serves as a catch-all apology and typically results in all being quickly forgiven and forgotten.

Why do we give up so easily? Instead of brushing aside our human weakness as inevitable, why don’t we actually strive to be the saints we are all meant to become? Seriously, imagine a world where we are all determined to be our best God-intended selves; serving each other and behaving virtuously at all times. Wouldn’t that be heaven on earth?!

But without a plan, we will fail.

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”
– Benjamin Franklin

This book is designed to help you succeed! It guides you through a simple process to develop your own personalized action plan to become a saint—at least the everyday variety. It also includes a scoring system to help you chart your progress and stay on track.

However, be forewarned: The process is simple, but the work is challenging. It will take courage to begin, diligence to persist, and faith to succeed. Only you can decide if it’s worth the effort to be the person you are intended to become.


Who wants to feel like a kid again?

Brrring! The recess bell rings, we jump out of our chairs, head for the doors, and run outside yelling and laughing. Can you still feel the excitement and pure joy?

Everything was right in the world when we were on the playground. But we grew up and left it behind. We did what we were told would lead to living a happy life, but we lost something along the way.

Author Scott Froyen lived the so-called “good life” for 33 years; seemingly perfect, yet lacking joy. He had lost that playground feeling and desperately wanted it back. He searched, found, and is living it now. And he will show you how to do the same. Not for a day or a week, but for a lifetime.

  • Recapture the freedom you once enjoyed;
  • Have more fun every single day;
  • Build your fortitude to endure the inevitable hardships of daily living, and;
  • Regain the feeling of joy you had as a kid on that playground.

No matter what you circumstance or stage of life, you can revive and retain your childlike joy from here on out.



sAint Me?! contains a chapter about vices and virtues. My premise was, and is, that the seven deadly sins (vices) are the root cause of most of our worldly problems. But good news, they can be overcome by practicing their contrary virtues.

Collectively, I refer to the vices and virtues as the V’s. I briefly discussed them in sAint Me?! using my basic level of knowledge at that time. Since then I have learned significantly more. I wrote a blog series covering each of the V’s in more depth, and based on the positive response, decided to put them all together in this short eBook for you.

I pray that it helps you at least as much as it has me in the daily battle of good vs. evil.

Join our community on Substack (no pressure to purchase a membership—come on in as a free subscriber) and you will receive this eBook in your inbox pretty much instantly.

And to help further guide and motivate you to becoming the saint you were meant to be, I send out a new article about once a week. Plus, all articles are saved on Substack, so you can always go back and revisit them. Go ahead and browse around when you get there.

To the Playground!


A couple of years ago when deciding what to do for Lent, I was thinking about that distant feeling of getting to run outside and play when the recess bell rang. This led to doing something more challenging than giving up candy or some other indulgence. Something more beneficial to becoming the person I’d like to be: that joyful kid from my past.

So I made achieving a state of lasting joy my goal for that Easter season. I explored the topic in depth and captured my observations and conclusions in writing—daily.

To create accountability, I shared my daily writings with the PSA community and included daily challenges to bring us even closer to joy.

After a couple of seasons running this challenge, I am going to be turning it into a published book. It is not exclusive to Lent or Easter, but can be used at any time to find your way back to joy.

To be in the know about when the Playbook will be released and when the next 40 Days of Joy Challenge will run, join the Playground Saints Alive community on Substack.