I was searching for the best way to share thoughts and ideas with you about living the life of a joyful Playground Saint, and I found the media platform Substack to be what I think is a great solution.


  • Subscribers get emails directly in their inbox when new articles are published;
  • All articles are always available for your review;
  • You can comment on articles and dialogue with me and other aspiring saints;
  • There are a host of other truth-seeking Substack writers we can reference to help us in our efforts;
  • Substack does not censor content; it is a true free speech, open expression of ideas site. (We’ve been censored and shadow banned elsewhere for stating things that were 100 percent true. Yeah, little old me…shocking…)
  • No pesky username and password—all you need is an email address.

Substack is a subscription site, but not to worry (especially since we’re not supposed to worry about anything anyway). We have—and always will—a free subscription option.

If you feel so inclined to financially support our mission and help us reach more aspiring saints, we have a few paid subscription options, too. We spend every dollar earned to help spread truth and joy, with no dollars going toward administrative expenses, i.e. me and Melanie. But again, it’s not expected.

To the Playground!