A community of aspiring saints determined to live in an unconditional and lasting state of joy


for being the joyful children we once were and can be again


for striving to be our best God-intended selves


for actively living in community with one another

Who Are We?

Likely the same as you—ordinary people who want to live in a better world. We believe that if we were all striving to become saints, all of our worldly problems would be solved.


We’re not talking about those famous canonized big “S” Saints here, but rather everyday little “s” saints. What do everyday saints do? They live the rules of the playground.

Playground Rules

1. Be Good—Live virtuously; do the right things in the right way.

2. Play Nice—Do good; serve others by using your unique talents.

3. Have Fun—Strive to keep getting better every day.

Can you come out to play?

My Journey Back to the Playground

Hi, I’m Scott.

I’ve lived the so-called “good life.” I played college tennis, graduated with a degree in business, and became a CPA and Business Executive. I married my sweetheart, Melanie. We became parents and, eventually, grandparents. I held fancy work titles at a few large organizations and then after 33 years, I retired.

Those adult years were seemingly perfect, yet they lacked joy. When I retired, I pledged to do something more meaningful—and definitely more fun.

Milestone #1: Wrote a book and started The Saint Builder Foundation

The things I enjoyed most in my career were solving problems, researching, and writing. So I looked for a problem to solve. It hit me one day in a “no duh” kind of way that the root cause of all of our worldly problems is sin, and that we can solve them all by striving to be saints—actively working to be our best God-intended selves. Then I wrote a book about it and started The Saint Builder Foundation with a mission of inspiring others to be saints.

Milestone #2: Joy Epiphany (and wrote another book)

A couple of years later, I was walking our dog past an elementary school when the recess bell rang. The kids came running out and shouting with excitement. I realized it had been decades since I had experienced that type of childlike joy. I wanted that feeling back.

But how? This became my personal challenge. I figured it out and wrote a book about that, too.

Milestone #3: An engaged community of striving saints

After years of writing articles and sending them out to subscribers, I wanted more interaction—a way for me to share my research and insights plus the capability for fellow aspiring saints to share their ideas and experiences, and maybe even build friendships.

We launched the Playground Saints Alive community on the Substack app (where truthful content is not censored). Here, we can all progress together to achieve joy.


The bell is ringing. I hope to see you on the playground.

Additional Resources

Flying V’s Ebook

How can we revive heaven on earth? Start with ourselves.
Learn how to battle the seven deadly sins by practicing their contrary virtues. Receive The Flying V’s: Soar to New Heights by Living a Life of Virture eBook when you join the PSA Community.

Book Worksheets

If you have any of my books, you know I like worksheets. In order to improve, we need to observe our current behavior, plan our desired behavior, and then track our progress. Download these free resources. Print them. Use them. Improving is winning!


Spread the joy at your next event. Scott Froyen regularly speaks at events, small and large, bringing humor and wisdom as he reminds audiences how to PLAY (Pray, Learn, Act, and Youthify) every day.